Yat Siu presentation on our children’s wired future

ThinkBlaze presents Outblaze founder and CEO Yat Siu speaking on the topic of “Our Children’s Wired Future” for the Independent Schools Foundation Academy Parent Teacher Association.
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Children's Learning Styles in the 21st Century: Is Tech Harmful?

Outblaze CEO Yat Siu discusses concerns about pervasive technology (including videogames) and young children. Full video of a presentation by leading technology entrepreneur and father of three given at a Dr. Louise Porter event to discuss the influence of technology on kids.
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Does the Learning Medium Matter? And, Reducing the Digital Divide

The report on the first official ThinkBlaze study. Our aims were to determine the impact, if any, of learning medium (printed paper versus tablets) on elementary students, and investigate options to help to narrow the digital divide, specifically with regards to touch-based technology.
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Tablet donation results in Spontaneous Self Organized Learning

Android tablets donated to a remote Nepalese school have sparked interesting learning behaviour, with children spontaneously forming small groups for discussion and sharing sessions to explore the new technology.
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ThinkBlaze is a project by Outblaze that draws on the experience and expertise present at Outblaze and partners to research topics of potential interest to the technology industry and to society.

ThinkBlaze promotes collaboration within the scientific, research and provider communities to achieve advances in the field of science and technology. For example, ThinkBlaze offers the arranging and conducting of presentations for educational conferences; education services, namely, publishing of electronic news publications for users to share information, questions, answers, and commentary in the field of science and technology. Moreover, ThinkBlaze offers the service of hosting an online website featuring multimedia forms of information, data, and comments on a topic of interest in science and technology. ThinkBlaze provides an Internet website portal in the fields of technology development and information in the fields of technology development via an on-line website.

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